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To be one solid force for our clients by partnering with brokers in all insurance industries to ensure uniting us closer to our clients current and future needs!

To help our clients, small or large, individual or business, to become more successful at attaining their goals for today, tomorrow and in the future!

To educate and inspire our clients how to protect what they value most. How to de-risk their net worth, increase their profits and to build wealth in a tax free environment for retirement.

Why CIP ?

I offer a unique approach to working with my clients to help them protect their future and what is most valuable to them. Home, life, retirement, health and business! My goal is to give my clients options, fast quotes and reliable service! I work with a long list of brokers in a variety of insurance platforms that brings the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry! I work independently, for you, to provide you with options that are comprehensive and customized to your personal or business needs.

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