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About CIP Omaha

We are an independent, full-service insurance consulting company with one stop shopping.

CIP was established in 2013 after I worked in each insurance industry for a captive company for about 2 years. I started in the insurance industry in 2009. Before that I owned a construction business, a scrapbook business, and a cleaning business. When I was a Farm Bureau agent, I knew I could offer my clients more. I am passionate about helping others by educating them on their personal coverages, to their business coverages, while helping them plan for their future. My journey has been long to find others to work with me that share my same vision.

As an independent insurance agency, we can meet all your insurance needs with the companies we represent, providing personal and business solutions under one roof. The best insurance for one person may not be the best for another – because everyone’s situation is different. We are committed to help you find the BEST insurance for YOU. When we can work with all your insurance needs, from health, to home and auto, to business policies, and even life insurance, this allows us to understand our clients better.  Your business affects your personal situation and vice versa. When I understand the dynamics of everything that my client has going on, I am able to recommend a perfect solution!

We take time to understand your unique needs, identify and eliminate gaps in coverage that might leave you exposed and create custom plans that fit your life. From auto insurance to homeowners’ insurance, to commercial coverages and live insurance, we want to help you protect what you value most and have worked so hard to build.


As an independent agency we have multiple carriers for all lines of insurance that helps us to accommodate your specific needs.


Our advisors and broker relationships have years of experience in each industry as an expert. We strive to be everyone’s favorite insurance agency of choice.


We value our clients and provide a service with integrity and We are your trusted independent agency meeting all your insurance needs.


We feel that it is vital for our clients to understand their policies and we will take the time to review them and explain them carefully.