About us

CIP was established in 2013 after I worked in each insurance industry for a captive company for about 2 years. I started in the insurance industry in 2009. Before that I owned a construction business, a scrapbook business and a cleaning business. I knew I could offer my clients more and I am passionate about helping others. It has been a long journey to find and build relationships with brokers that have a similar vision as I do. I work with experts whom can offer a wide range of products and support for myself and my clients.

I educate my individual clients and families on the coverage’s they have, what is available and why they are important. I can help them plan for other future needs by utilizing life insurance or annuities. A full financial analysis is available at no cost.

I work with employers helping them to retain employees by utilizing group benefits and helping employees to deal with the major expenses of medical insurance. I am passionate about educating business owners on how to de risk their business while saving for their retirement at the same.