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Employee Benefits Insurance Agency Omaha, NE

Helping you navigate employee benefits and retain employees is our specialty

We offer worksite reviews, educational employee workshops and customized benefits packages, at no charge. We offer benefits for small groups as well, with no cost to the employer but at a discounted rate to the employees.

Group Health

In general, group health insurance is the priority for employees and is the second largest expense for employers behind payroll.

Some employee benefits feel like a nice bonus, but in most cases, employees see healthcare as a core part of the compensation package–arguably as important as the salary itself. Buying group health insurance is the economical way for your business to recruit and retain staff and increase the likelihood that they’ll be fit to work. Depending on the plan, your business can cover employees only or can choose to offer coverage to the family and financial dependents of employees, as well. Additionally, your company can choose to cover the premiums in full or split the cost with employees.

The costs associated with group health insurance vary depending on where your business is based, how many employees you want to cover, and how old the employees are.

Group health insurance also comes with tax benefits. The premiums you pay as an employer are fully tax deductible. Very small businesses can also get a tax credit worth up to half the cost of the premiums.

Group Supplemental

Short term disability pays for even one day off of work! Paired with a hospital plan this is a great maternity leave plan!

Cancer: many options available and even if you had cancer in the past, you may still qualify for a plan!

Hospital: We can help you determine what parts you need for this plan from overnight hospital stay, outpatient surgery, emergency room visits, ambulance, x-rays, doctors’ visits and more!

Accident: Pays for any accident on or off the job! A visit to the chiropractor, x-rays, broken bones, burns, concussion, chipped tooth, torn ligaments, coma, surgery, loss of limb and so much more!

Dental: Plans pay for two free screenings per year, no waiting period for basic services, a variety of max out of pockets options and riders! Some group plans will pay for up to 7 cleanings in a year! And they cover major benefits!

Life and Accidental Death

Some employees may want coverage that goes beyond life insurance or workers compensation. They want to be covered in the event of an accident, on or off the job. We can provide that added financial protection.

Paying for life insurance for employees is a valuable benefit that can be a big selling point when recruiting staff.

Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance is designed to pay out to the employee’s financial dependents to make up some of the lost income if the employee dies. Depending on the policy, the coverage could last for a limited period, until the employee reaches retirement age or until they die regardless of when that is.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is a variation on life insurance, but it only pays out if the death is from an accident (or in some cases a homicide). It usually only pays out if the death happens while premiums are still being paid (similar to term life insurance).

The plan pays out a smaller amount if the covered person loses their sight, a limb, toe, or finger in an accident. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance can be a policy on its own, or it can be added on top of the normal life insurance payout.

Neither of these policies are a substitute for workers’ compensation insurance (or workers’ comp). This is mandatory for most employers, and while it only covers injuries or deaths at work, it does pay out for medical bills, some lost income and death benefits.

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