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Cybersecurity Insurance Agent Omaha, NE



  • Standalone cyber insurance program for businesses with up to $100m in revenue
  • Ideal for first-time buyers or businesses upgrading from a BOP or packaged cyber policy
  • Admitted in 47 states and D.C.
  • Written on “A” rated paper, backed by a panel of top global reinsurers

Cowbell Prime 100 deliver essential cyber insurance protection with simplicity and speed:

  • A set of coverages strictly dedicated to cyber,
  • Coverages designed to address the diversity of today’s cyber threats – not just data breaches,
  • The ability to customize the policy to match the unique risk exposures of every business.
  • Includes coverage for ransom and extortion, business interruption, social engineering, and fraudulent funds transfer

What’s unique about Cowbell Prime 100

  • Individualized Policies that match every business’s unique risk profile.
  • Cowbell Factors: quantification of cyber risks with continuously updated risk ratings.
  • Cowbell Insights: continuously updated risk recommendations to remediate identified exposures.
  • Cyber awareness training for employees at no charge, up to 20, with the policy


With Cowbell Cyber, policyholders not only get relevant financial protection against cyber incidents, but they also gain access to always-up-to-date insights that allow them to continuously manage their cyber risk.
Closed-loop risk management. Cowbell wants to ensure that every policy provides value from the day it is issued and throughout the policy period, regardless of whether a cyber event occurs. Our closed-loop approach to risk management –
– enables proactive risk mitigation where cybersecurity and insurance efforts are coordinated.