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Extended car warranties offer extra coverage that goes beyond the regular manufacturer warranty. Here are some reasons why buying an extended warranty could be beneficial.

Extended Warranty Duration: Manufacturer guarantees usually have a set time frame, often three to five years or a specific mileage cap. Extending this coverage with an extended warranty offers prolonged protection beyond the initial warranty period.


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About Our Auto Warranty Coverage

Efficiently utilizing your vehicle is a key concern for every car owner. While routine maintenance undeniably contributes to extending your car’s longevity, it may not always be sufficient. When mechanical malfunctions occur beyond the coverage of your factory warranty, the resulting repair costs can quickly accumulate, potentially creating a burdensome financial situation. Consequently, the expenses incurred for fixing your car may exceed the value of the vehicle, despite having diligently paid it off over a span of seven years.
Extended warranties are designed to address this exact situation. We understand that you may want to keep your car beyond its warranty period without having to shell out large sums of money for repairs. Our exceptional vehicle warranty coverage plans are tailored to meet your requirements. We step in once your original warranty expires, providing comprehensive coverage, roadside assistance, and additional benefits. This ensures both peace of mind and financial stability.


  • Downtime Reimbursement Up To S500/DAY (MAX 10 DAYS) Lift Kit (Up to 6 Inches)
  • Rental Reimbursement Up to S250/DAY (MAX 10 DAYS) APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)
  • Wearables – Belts/Hoses/Seals/Gaskets Tech: Coverage extended Including but not limited to rearview back-up
  • Brake – Pad & Rotors camera; blue tooth connectivity and/or other phone communication systems,
  • Hydraulics – Cylinders/Pumps/Hoses/Controlskeyless entry transmitter and receiver; early collision detection system; self-
  • Trailer – Coverage For ANY Trailer Being Pulledpark assist system; adaptive cruise control; instrument cluster
  • Reefer/Refrigeration Unit ECO: Coverage extended to components including but not limited to gas cap; smog pumps, catalytic converter, muffler exhaust pipes