Group Benefits

Group Benefits

We offer worksite reviews, educational employee workshops and customized benefits packages, at no charge.

As a business owner you can you offer benefits to your employees at no additional cost to you if you choose, while saving you money on payroll taxes in most cases! By offering benefits this can help decrease your work comp claims and retain employees. These benefits are portable to the employee, most are guaranteed issue and you can purchase a policy even if you only have a few employees or sub-contractors! I have many options available for every industry and size of business and you may choose to simply sponsor benefits as well!

We can offer the new Obamacare group plans or non-traditional plans. We can offer Accident, Hospital, Short-terms disability, Life, and much more! I can develop a customized benefits package that offers optimal value to you and the employee. I will support your organization and design a plan to help you compete for the best employees!  Some of these plans are available at no cost to you and they are guarantee issue.

Some of our most popular policy’s

  • Short term disability: We have benefit platforms that will pay for first day off of work due to injury and it will pay after 7 days due to illness!
  • Cancer: Many options available and even if you had cancer in the past you may still qualify for a plan!
  • Critical Illness: This will cover Heart, Cancer, Stroke and much more!
  • Hospital: We can help you determine what parts you need for this plan from overnight hospital stay, outpatient surgery, emergency room visits, ambulance, x-rays, doctors’ visits and more!
  • Accident: Pays for any accident on or off the job! A visit to the chiropractor, x-rays, broken bones, burns, concussion, chipped tooth, torn ligaments, coma, surgery, loss of limb and so much more!
  • Dental: Plans pay for two free screenings per year, no waiting period for basic services, a variety of max out of pockets options and riders!
  • Identity Protection: Covers individual or family. Monitors their credit cards, bank accounts, credit reports, social media, drivers’ license, passport, medical records and more!

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