Why have identity shield?

Monitor More of What Matters: If your name is on it, we are monitoring it. Your Social Security number, drivers license, passport, credit cards, bank accounts and more we leave nothing about protecting your identity to chance.

You have unlimited access to an IDShield licensed private investigator regarding how you can protect yourself or review anything on your account. Plus, you have 24/7 access to your account in our free mobile app.

Get Your Identity Back: In the event of a compromise, your personal IDShield licensed private investigator will work to uncover evidence, restore your identity, and clear your record back to it’s pre-theft status.

DON’T FORGET TO PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN’S IDENTITY AS WELL! THE MAJORITY OF IDENTITY FRAUD COMES FROM MEDICAL RECORDS AND HACKED HOME NETWORKS! If you or your child’s identity is stolen, if someone uses your social security number to purchase a home, car, or anything and files bankruptcy, or simply doesn’t pay the bill, YOU are guilty until you can prove that is was not you. Which means that YOU have to hire a private investigator and lawyer which cost thousands and take years. This is becoming a necessity for every family. I have provide a couple of quick news clips below:

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A few things that Legal Shield can do for your family :

*It gives your family 24 HR access to an attorney in case of an emergency

*Offer free, unlimited advice and consultations

* Represent you in a civil matter

*Help you to prepare a will or power of attorney

*Cover you in any state you travel to

*Cover children in college up to age 26

A few things that Legal Shield can do for your business :

* Advice, consultation and research

* Collection letters

* Document review

* Phone consultations

* Business forms

* Cyber security


* Consumer Finance

* Family Law

* Landlord / Tenant

* Real Estate

* Employment

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