Wealth Strategies

Our approach is to educate you as an individual or business owner on some innovative, unique strategies to help you leverage additional alternatives for your financial future! It may be possible to get you to the zero percent tax bracket by retirement, or to help you with lifetime income.

Fixed annuities are a popular choice for individuals who want a guaranteed interest rate and a stream of income they can’t outlive. With a fixed annuity, the principal investment and a specified interest rate are both guaranteed. Some of the advantages of fixed annuities include, minimal investment risk exposure, a tax deferral on earnings, some access to your money and death benefits to your beneficiaries.

An indexed annuity is a special class of annuities that yields returns on contributions based on a specified equity-based index. It offers annuitants the opportunity to earn higher yields based on stock market performance with protection against market declines. However, it is also common for an annuitant to experience lower-than-expected yields due to the combination of caps on the maximum amount of interest earned and fee-related deductions.

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